Jifram Conducts Industry Study with Business Development Directives

Jifram Extrusions Retains Business Development Directives to Conduct Industry Study

Eagle, WI — Business Development Directives (BDD) has announced that they recently completed a comprehensive Industry study for Jifram Extrusions, Inc. The purpose of the study was to provide the organization with direction in the launch of an innovative new housewares product line.

BDD conducted a research study to determine the current state of the industry with regard to their new product venture, as well as focus group research to garner direct feedback from targeted consumer groups. ”It was important for Jifram to have a clear understanding of how receptive their target market would be to their new product line and to gain a clear understanding of the current competition within the marketplace,“ notes Bill Lowell, President of Business Development Directives. “This information provided a clear picture of the best way to introduce their product and offered the best scenario for future success,” he adds.

“The research conducted by BDD gave us input that has allowed us to reevaluate our marketing plans based on the competitive climate in the marketplace. Additionally, direct feedback from the consumer gives a better understanding of what they were looking for with regard to our product and allows us to make the appropriate adjustments as we move forward. Most importantly, it allows a customer-driven new product development approach,” notes Wayne Meyer, Director of Sales and Marketing for Jifram.

“Proper research is crucial during a new product introduction. Knowing exactly what you are up against takes the surprises out of the mix and gives a clear path for marketing efforts,” notes Lowell. The team at Jifram feels that this is exactly what they received with this study. “We are defiantly better prepared. And, receiving input directly from a potential end user is invaluable. I think anyone introducing a new product should consider conducting this type of research,” Meyer adds.

About Business Development Directives (BDD)

Business Development Directives is a national research-driven marketing consulting firm specializing in one-of-a-kind research assignments to help bring world-class business leaders to the next level. Founded in 1990, they specialize in both internal and external marketing ventures and have a great deal of expertise working with clients in healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, professional services and associations. BDD has conducted thousands of focus groups and research studies for a wide variety of organizations, enabling clients to capture employee perceptions, glean vital industry information, benchmark best practices and develop new products in order to position or reposition themselves for the future and to fine-tune their growth strategies. Bill Lowell, President of BDD, is one of only a handful of ISO Certified in Management Consulting. For more information on Business Development Directives, you contact them at (262) 594-9510 or visit their website at www.bddonline.com.

About Jifram Extrusions, Inc.

Jifram Extrusions, Inc. is an experienced plastic profile extrusions manufacturer, specializing in custom plastic extrusions and proprietary profiles, industrial plastic pallets and innovative home goods products. The company was founded in 1981 in 3,000 square feet of factory space in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Today, their facilities are over 50,000 and they provide 15 extrusion lines as well as the capabilities to produce tooling in-house. The organization is known as a quality supplier to the point of purchase, home furnishing, office furniture, visual merchandising, automotive, recreational, medical, O.E.M. machinery, electrical, agricultural products and building supply industries. For more information in Jifram Extrusions, Inc. visit their website at www.jifram.com.

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