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Plastic and Aluminum Pallets

This unique pallet is designed for a state-of-the-art warehouse.

Pallet Innovations

Check out some of the options for your custom built pallet. Choose from a variety of materials and configurations that will make up the pallet that is perfect for your needs.

Our Other Videos

Our Pallets at Work

Custom built plastic pallets are made to your specifications to fit your needs exactly. We offer solutions to your material handling needs. Take a look at our pallets hard at work.

Difference Between Skids and Pallets

Wayne Meyer from Custom Built Plastic Pallets explains the difference between pallets and skids. If you are not sure which one you need this video should clear things up.

Custom Built Pallet FAQs

We answer your most frequently asked questions in a couple of minutes. Find out if Custom Built Plastic Pallets might be the solution for more streamlined and cost-effective material handling systems for your company.

We Custom Design Plastic Pallets

There is no pallet too big or too small - we custom build them all. Demand pallets that provide the PERFECT FIT for your products. This video also offers a link to get an instant quote. Find out how much a custom built pallet solution will cost.

Monday Promat Video

Custom Built Plastic Pallets is excited to be at @promatshow this week. Listen to a personal invitation and come visit us at Booth #354. We are the guys in the orange shirts!

ProMat 2015 Farewell Video

Farewell ProMat 2015 from Custom Built Plastic Pallets.