Wisconsin Packaging Corporation Case Study

Wisconsin Packaging Corporation

Situation: Wisconsin Packaging Corporation is a premier corrugated converter producing a diverse range of packaging – from single-color industrial box applications to printed point-of-purchase and litho-labeled containers – for a variety of markets. Previously, Wisconsin Packaging shipped its corrugated boxes on standard sized wood pallets that did not fit its product, resulting in a great deal of wasted space on the pallets and the expense of ongoing new pallet purchases.

Action: Custom Built Plastic Pallets offered a solution by building plastic pallets custom sized for the corrugated boxes and built with the necessary structural integrity to serve in a closed-loop system.

Results: “Thanks to Custom Built Plastic Pallets, we were able to double our yield per trailer from 5,500 cartons per to 11,000,” said Joe Duerr, Sales Representative for Wisconsin Packaging Corporation. “Our freight expense for this account has been halved. We have used these pallets in a closed loop for more than 8 months and have not had to repair or replace any stringers or runners to date. We are extremely pleased with the product and the service of Custom Built Plastic Pallets, and would highly recommend them,” Duerr added.

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