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Parallel 44 Winery

The Problem:

Parallel 44 is a Wisconsin vineyard and winery which crafts wine from northern varietal grapes, some of which are grown right in the winery’s vineyard. The company’s requirements called for a small-volume plastic pallet solution that would handle a static weight capacity of 25,000 pounds, supporting multiple 5,000-gallon wooden tubs of wine. In addition, these pallets had to be washable and durable for the long run.

CBPP Solution: 

The company’s search initially led it to research molded pallets. However, they found that initial molding costs were exorbitant and were not a viable solution. Finally, they were introduced to Jifram’s custom built extruded plastic pallets and ordered samples which were rigorously tested throughout their facility.


Jifram’s Custom Built Plastic Pallets provided the perfect small-volume solution for Parallel 44’s specific requirements. Jifram’s plastic pallets provide superior structural strength to fill its static weight needs and are completely washable and hygienic. Reusable plastic pallets also offer a multitude of safety and operational advantages. Wooden pallets that are damaged or broken may collapse under heavy loads; but the durability of reusable and recycled plastic pallets improves worker safety.

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