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Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

How we manufacture our Heavy Duty plastic pallets

As an organization we have come to learn our customers’ needs for rackable, stackable, and quality heavy duty plastic pallets. As part of this idea we realize that our customers are also looking for a product that is durable with potential for a long life. Our Export pallets are products that customers can count on, and we take great pride in building our heavy duty pallets to stand up to those expectations.

Our high-density plastic pallets work with pallet trucks, pallet jacks and forklifts just like wood pallets. Euro pallets can support material handling that wooden pallets would not work as well with such as transfer of static loads of paperwork or even baked goods.

With the custom design of our plastic pallets you can be sure they will snuggly fit together and save on space. Our rackable plastic pallets are designed with the durability to safely and securely maximize pallet racking capacities in any warehouse. Heavy duty export pallets can also be designed with closed deck and 4-way entry depending on what works for your industry or supply chain.



We can build any size plastic pallet – no pallet or skid is too big or too small. We have built custom pallets 23′ long for some customers and 12 1/2′ wide for other customers. The only limit is the size of the semi-trailer. Instead of having to search for stackable pallets that work for you, we can design them to your exact specifications.

When it comes to load capacity, we have durable plastic pallets in the field that are holding a static load of 25,000 pounds and have been for several years. We can build pallets that support dynamic load capacity as well. Our pallets are designed to match your exact load capacity needs.

You tell us how much weight you would like your pallet to support! We will then design, build, and ship a heavy duty plastic pallet that will accommodate any weight your solution requires. Get an instant quote for your plastic pallet today!

Custom Built Plastic Pallets® is a plastic pallet manufacturer that custom builds industrial plastic pallets in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Each pallet deck board is individually fastened to the stringers using self-tapping stainless steel screws to ensure the durability of your plastic pallet.

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