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Dulmes Warehouse

The Problem:

This full-service interior decorating company offers a complete line of flooring and decorating products for the home. Dulmes also operates a warehouse that provides discount carpeting and hard flooring options. The warehouse displayed these items on wood pallets for ease of setting up displays and movement within the facility. The wooden pallets easily developed chips and cracks, were difficult to clean, and did not offer an appealing product quality. In addition, the wood pallets needed to be replaced frequently as they often became non-serviceable. Testing has shown that custom built plastic pallets maintain their structural integrity for several years in a closed loop environment.

CBPP Solution: 

Custom Built Plastic Pallets were tested at this retail warehouse for ease of use and functionality for holding a large display of heavy ceramic tile and other heavy flooring products.


The plastic pallet is holding up very well under the weight of the tile; there is no bowing or sagging. The plastic pallets also lend a much more aesthetically pleasing look to the retail outlet’s design. The customer is pleased with the functionality and appearance of custom built plastic pallets.

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