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P4 Pallets (Pallet Picker Plastic Pallets)

Pallet Picker Plastic Pallets (P4 Pallets) are the best of both worlds, designed and engineered for safety and security.

They are built to your exact specifications using recycled plastic materials.

P4 pallets are built with a solid composite plastic center stringer which a pallet picker forklift can grasp and securely hold in place.

For the safety of the forklift operator, the pallet must be secure as the operator will raise the forklift and travel up the warehouse racking system with the pallet.

The operator will then step onto the pallet, which is now stable and secure, and begin safely loading product.

Safe, secure, and stable. It is the ultimate plastic pallet solution.

Your Pallet. Designed to your specs.

Designed to your exact size and weight specifications, these pallets meet all international shipping requirements. Some components of the pallets are made from recycled rigid PVC and will vary in color (shades of gray to black), weight, and surface consistency.

Start building your Custom Pallet todaY

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