Custom Plastic Skids

We manufacture and supply custom plastic skids and pallets for many applications.

Our 100% recycled Rigid PVC plastic skids are used in several industries and are strong and durable enough to handle most environments. These custom shipping skids can be built to your exact specifications and have the potential to last indefinitely with proper use. Without the dangers of broken wooden skids, these custom plastic skids are not only more beneficial but safer as well.

These custom-built skids are a great alternative to wood pallets as they offer longevity, water, fire, and flame resistance, and are impervious to contamination and infestation.

Your Pallet. Designed to your specs.

Designed to your exact size and weight specifications, these pallets meet all international shipping requirements. Some components of the pallets are made from recycled rigid PVC and will vary in color (shades of gray to black), weight, and surface consistency.

Start building your Custom Pallet todaY

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