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Government / Military

We are proud to sell our standard pallets on the GSA network. Select the button below or the GSA logo to shop our products on GSA.


321920, 326199, 423830, 423840

PSC Code
8135, 3990

Custom Built Plastic Pallets for the Government and Military.

Our ability to build a pallet to your exact specifications is what makes us different.

Our custom plastic pallets offer incredible flexibility in terms of design and specifications. They can be tailored to suit specific requirements, such as size, shape, weight capacity, and special features. Our customization capabilities enable government agencies to optimize their supply chain operations effectively.

Our pallets are green, reusable, and sustainable.

Our plastic pallets offer incredible longevity and reusability. They can withstand multiple uses without deteriorating, providing excellent value for your money – a benefit that is particularly beneficial for government agencies aiming to maximize budget efficiency.

We also use recyclable materials in manufacturing our pallets. They are made from high-quality recycled plastics, diverting waste from landfills and supporting a circular economy. By opting for these pallets, the government demonstrates its commitment to sustainability.

Our custom plastic pallets also meet industry standards and regulations for safety and quality. Our pallets adhere to all relevant guidelines, providing peace of mind and minimizing potential liabilities – something especially important to government agencies.

Our plastic pallets are superior to wood pallets.

Durable and reliable, our custom plastic pallets are engineered to withstand heavy loads, extreme weather conditions, and rough handling. They effectively ensure the safe transportation and storage of goods. And they contribute to operational efficiency which ultimately leads to essential cost savings.To ensure the pallet is suitable for your application, we will provide, at no-charge, a pallet for you to test.

They also require minimal maintenance compared to wooden pallets. They are free of splinters, nails, and other hazards associated with wood, which reduces the risk of injuries and related healthcare costs. They’re also easy to clean and sanitize, enhancing hygiene standards in government facilities.

Our pallets are made in the USA.

We manufacture our custom plastic pallets locally, supporting domestic industries and creating employment opportunities. By choosing these pallets, the government benefits from superior products and contributes to the national economy’s growth. We are one of a few manufacturers that can custom build a pallet to your exact specifications. We provide expert pallet design and engineering resources.