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CBPP builds pallets to your exact specifications, regardless of the application

Don't compromise customize with Custom Built Plastic Pallets. We build pallets to your exact specifications. For instance, we worked with a steel company and we built pallets that were 19 feet long by 4 feet wide. And they were storing coils of steel on these pallets. We also built a little pallet, that was about 18 inches long, by, I think it was, 6 or 8 inches deep, and they were using these little pallets in their conveyor system in a cheese factory. We're working on a hybrid pallet right now, it's built from plastic but this plastic pallet now has aluminum deck boards, and these deck boards are needed for their racking system in their warehouse. So, very specific. So the bottom line is, tell us what your applications are, or is, and I suspect, we can build a pallet to those exact specifications. We can also help you design that pallet. Tell us or explain to us what your applications are and we can help you design a pallet to meet those needs. Check us out,, where you can build a pallet instantly, online.