Custom Plastic Pallets Built to Your Specs

Why do so many industries use Custom Built Plastic Pallets to move, store and secure their products? Our durable, reusable, long-lasting pallet solutions excel where wood pallets often fall short:

  • Handle big and bulky items
  • Support thousands of lbs.
  • Secure and support heavy barrels
  • Extra-long or extra-small items – no problem
  • Skids for storage and dunnage
  • Flat top pallet will protect your product from blemishes, disfigurement or other damage

Custom Built Plastic Pallets also offers numerous pallet options such as:

Non-slip deck boards
Slip resistant deck boards
Smooth deck boards
2-Way entry
4-Way entry
Endcaps protect stringers
Add casters
Lipped edge
Composite stringer
Custom colors
Custom labeling