Heavy-Duty Plastic Pallets

We Custom Design Plastic Pallets to Your Needs

We realize that our customers are looking for a quality product that they can count on, and we take great pride in building our plastic pallets to stand up to those expectations.

Each pallet is handmade at our facility in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin by our skilled craftsmen. Each deck board is individually fastened to the stringers using self-tapping steel screws, or if needed, we can assemble the pallets using stainless steel self-tapping screws.

You tell us how much you would like your pallet to support! We will then design, build, and ship a plastic pallet that will accommodate any weight your solution requires.

We have pallets in the field that are holding a static load of 25,000 pounds and have been for several years. Don't make the mistake of buying inferior product only to replace it the next year.

We can build any size plastic pallet – no pallet is too big or too small. We have built custom pallets 23' long for some customers and 12 1/2' wide for other customers. The only limit is the size of the semi trailer.

As you can see from the pictures to the right, our pallets have many uses. We have built heavy-duty pallets for numerous applications, and we have never had a return because our pallets didn't work. Our biggest competitive advantage is that we can build ANY size you need.

Stackable plastic pallets have bottom deck boards, bottom runners, or picture frame bottom supports. This additional support allows the pallets to securely rest on top of each other when they are not loaded.

Stackable plastic pallets allow for the safe and secure double stacking of numerous pallets with goods loaded on them. Because these pallets have a steady bottom platform, multiple pallets with product on them can be transported safely and securely.

Stackable plastic pallets typically work best for the handling and shipping of goods in the warehousing, processing, and manufacturing environments.

Pallets with Rolls
Pallet holding rolls/coils of steel
Stackable Pallets
Stackable Pallets
Plow Pallet
Pallet holding heavy snow plow