Plastic vs. Wood Pallets

Plastic pallets are superior to wood pallets in many different areas. Wood has been the accepted material of pallets for many years, but plastic pallets are now starting to gain traction and for good reason!

While the upfront investment may be slightly higher, the quality, durability and dependability that plastic pallets offer can provide an ROI that can't be matched.

Pallets are used in many different types of industries, so it would be difficult to list them all. However, here are just a few that have benefited from a switch to plastic pallets:

Industries Served

Safety issues should be the first thing companies think of. With wood pallets, the danger of sharp edges, splinters and rusty nails are all too common. Contamination also happens quite frequently with wood pallets.

Plastic pallets offer a much safer environment. Contamination is a lot less common as well because of the ability to high pressure-wash plastic pallets.

In the export business, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different regulations. Pallets, unfortunately, are subject to many of these. Plastic pallets are ideal for exporting because they are not only ultra durable, but they easily exceed all of the requirements.

If you've used pallets for any length of time, you understand that wood pallets and water do not mix well together. Wood pallets are prone to rotting and falling apart. This can be very expensive long term!

Plastic pallets love water! They repel any water that gets on them, and you can also clean plastic pallets with high-pressure washes.

Custom Plastic Pallet
Custom Plastic Pallet
Standard Wood Pallet
Standard Wood Pallet
Comparison Plastic Wood
Ideal for exporting (satisfies all requirements)  
Extreme fire and flame resistance  
Many major insurance companies offer discounts for using  
Resistant to bug infestation  
Offers bar coding and RFID tracking capabilities  
Can be cleaned with steam or high-pressure washes  
Contain nails and easy to break, splinter and cause injuries  
Recycled, green and sustainable  
Custom colors